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Senior-level wireless network retaliation

In order to provide guests with more convenient wireless access services, the computer network department focused on
In order to provide guests with more convenient wireless access services, the computer network department focused on, after dozens of tests, without changing the hotel's network environment, broke through the network restriction difficulties, to solve the problem that the guest network can not be connected to the wireless router before.
With the popularization and upgrading of smart phones, tablet computers, ipads and other digital products, all of these products can be launched and must be wireless access. The proportion of wireless Internet access demand is increasing, and more and more people are carrying wireless routers in travel, business and government. Hotel upgrade wireless network service has become an inevitable service project.
After the upgrade, the guests in the room Internet more follow one's inclinations, can lie on the bed can also sit on the sofa, improve the comfort level, more improved the hotel service subtle, humane.
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